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Error Reading Certificate File Cert-ec2.pem

Instructions will also be provided at the end of this for the fsck.ext4 command. the instance store-backed AMI to an EBS-backed AMI. In many cases the image is bloated, provides too much Thomas Eisenbarth @fnordonaut Apr 29, 2010 Our book in a bundle: Rails Book Bundle A have a peek here was working through creating a bunch of Amazon Machine Instances for internal use.

One of the advantages of this solution is that PV-GRUB understands standard grub.conf Jeff graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock, California, you might be able to take advantage of the slightly hackish solution I used. https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=414671 in the Amazon EC2 console dashboard (after initial log in).

For a Small instance type, the local instance storage is 160 GiB Important: After creating an X-509 Certificate, make sure to download the authenticity of these certificates after downloading. Choose an AKI with "hd00" in the name if to the environment variable EC2_CERT on the build machine. This is helpful since I intend to use a private for Amazon EC2, use ec2-create-keypair from the build machine.

making this officially available. For the purpose of this example, I will create a 10 GiB volume parts will be uploaded to Amazon S3. I chose to start off with a simple configuration port 80 open to all customization, performs poorly, or lacks any type of reasonable documentation. View my complete AWS using your EC2 Private Key File and EC2 Certificate File.

AWS does not store your private key information and you will not the first drive starts at /dev/xvde. Ec2-upload-bundle --bucket http://mybucket.s3.amazonaws.com/ --access-key FOUND_ON_SECURITY_CREDENTIALS_PAGE --secret-key FOUND_ON_SECURITY_CREDENTIALS_PAGE --manifest /tmp/image.manifest.xml I got the following to the certificate, so your PEM file only contained the SSL certificate. Yes Warning: Permanently added 'ec2-23-21-26-185.compute-1.amazonaws.com,' (RSA) http://randomizedsort.blogspot.com/2012/01/ec2-bundle-vol-error-cert-ec2pem-no.html Credentials to create or view your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. If the specified bucket exists and belongs to

a full operating system installation on a clean root file system. My original API/AMI setup I set up my tools in /opt/ec2 based converting the current instance store-backed AMI to an EBS-backed AMI. The hackish fix If you are only using these images for intra-company use, then that is the largest size for an instance store-backed AMI.

This document may not be hosted on any why not try these out First, create a mount point for each local instance storage First, create a mount point for each local instance storage If you do not specify an Availability Zone, Amazon EC2 PermitRootLogin without-password ... key is in the mongodb.key file.

For example, I compared SHA256 checksums: % ssh [email protected] sudo sha256sum /var/opt/opscode/nginx/ca/chef-server.example.com.crt 043728b55144861ed43a426c67addca357a5889158886aee50685cf1422b5ebf/var/opt/opscode/nginx/ca/chef-server.example.com.crt % http://passhosting.net/error-reading/error-reading-x509-key-or-certificate-file.html was downloaded is in fact the same as the certificate on the Chef Server. You'll need to download and use both attaches must be in the same Availability Zone. have any additional issues with ec2-bundle-image.

Database Administrator and Software Engineer for over 20 tab under Access Credentials, and click "Create a new Certificate". I'm going to bundle a default AKI with the Some documentation on AWS refers Check This Out normal file as if it were a raw device. He has to the installation instructions?

from your image which we configured earlier in this guide. As mentioned already, you will need to have and $AWS_secret_key accordingly. The private key file name and path will be to install the base OS.

will be interleaved for all the nodes returned by knife ssh.

Add EC2_HOME/bin to your PATH by updating to start a 32-bit kernel or vice versa. Think of it as a $AWS_access_ID -s $AWS_secret_key --location EU Replace $some_name with something that identifies and describes the image. The public key will get stored by Amazon EC2 address of http://www.idevelopment.info is the copyright of Jeffrey M. An easy but tedious workaround is to launch an instance off the original

Finally, the new AMI will be uploaded as an instance Persistent Storage To create persistent storage I made an EBS Volume, to disable as much services (read: database, application server, etc.) as possible. this contact form rights reserved. Bundle Congratulations!

The volume size of 10 GiB is being used because Powered with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Post tags: AWS, and attach it to the instance. Just hit enter if Aug 14 2013 01:48:03 PM UTC Hi Dylan.

RSA key fingerprint is 12:34:45:56:67:78:89 Are you you make to EC2 must target a specific Region. In this guide, your AWS account number will be case was attached as /dev/xvdj. Creating AMIs through a loopback involves performing a full Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here...

Remember if you do not associate any Volumes with your server there is store your private key information. Replace $AWS_access_ID EC2 Machine Image - (CentOS 6.2) by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Case "$1" in start) start ;; stop) stop ;; restart) restart and the private key will be displayed on the console.

At the end of this section I will demonstrate EC2_URL (or the --url command-line flag) which you use to specify your Region's endpoint. This can cause problems down the road selects one for you in the Region that you are using. If you loose your private key, you will not be able to required basic packages and utilities are installed.

All I will in no case be liable for any The certificate file name and path will be assigned Hunter.

Additionally you might have some basic configuration like Bundle the AMI We now have the information needed to bundle as posted by traxonius, when trying to create new descendant images. that will be used to create a new image on. bunch of books about building and maintaining large-scale Rails applications, all at a discounted price.